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How do we change the narrative?

This is a blog post I wrote for another blog last year, so I guess this was my first blog post:

As a single parent of a daughter that faced and endured mental emotional and physical violence by an individual that she had grown to love.

As a parent I saw that the relationship is not good for her I spoke to her and had conversations with her about the relationship and why it was not good for her I knew as a parent that there would come a time where my daughter would be in a relationship with someone that I knew was not good for her I saw what she did and I felt what she couldn’t and I knew what she didn’t. I had to be angry I had to scream and yell at her I had to be the bad parent according to her in her eyes while knowing the whole time that I am being the best parent that I could be. I had to believe and know that the things that I put into her all of the work time energy blood sweat and tears that I put into molding her into the beautiful young woman that she is I had to trust that those things were still there I had to believe that the things that I put into her would one day surface and she would realize what I knew what I saw and what I felt was real. I had to be OK with her getting there in her own time and not on my timetable I still had to let her know how much I loved and cared for her and how I did not want to see her hurting in anyway shape or form. I had to be bad mom I had to be good mom I had to be the best mom. 

As a foster mom of a teenager I did not have the luxury of planting seeds of strength and self-worth and love and kindness and independence into this child. So how do I change her narrative? how do I help to mold her into the young woman that is brilliantly independent and kind And Strong and has Self worth and self Love? Sure I can plant the seeds but we are behind at this age those seeds that were planted should have a growth should be sprouting. How do I expedite my seeds growth, how do I change her narrative?

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