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Available Services

Our anger management classes provide a practical approach to managing emotions in real-world situations. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on understanding the causes and triggers of anger, as well as developing coping techniques and stress-reduction strategies. Our program is designed to be flexible and is available in both individual and group formats. Contact us today to schedule your first session and take control of your emotions.

If you struggle with anxiety, MADD Therapy Things are here to help. Our selection of items and kits are designed to support you in managing your anxiety and living a more peaceful life. We believe in the power of these tools and we know they can make a difference in your wellbeing.

Therapeutic Mentoring is a mentoring program that incorporated a therapeutic component. The therapeutic component provides the client with the opportunity to meet with a clinical counselor for assessment and check in prior to mentoring sessions. Therapeutic mentoring provides the client with a stable environment to discuss and relieve stress, anxieties and fear in a comfortable safe space.


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