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Complete Adult Anxiety Tool Kit

Complete Adult Anxiety Tool Kit

ALL Anxiety tool boxes contain:

Anxiety cards with

-5-4-3-2-1 grounding

-3 & 1 grounding

-Reminder cards of what to do

to decrease anxiety

-Affirmation cards

-Coping skills cards

-Selfcare cards

-Mindfulness cards

-Essential oil inhaler

-54321 reminder bracelet

-Breathing whistle

-Reusable ice cubes

Build your own

When you build your own you can choose what you want to go in it. Anxiety cards with-5-4-3-2-1 grounding-3 & 1 grounding-Reminder cards of what to do to decrease anxiety-Affirmation cards-Coping skills cards-Selfcare cards-Mindfulness cards are included in all kits. 


    Learning Objectives:

    This intervention will reduce overall frequency, intensity, and duration of the anxiety so that daily functioning is not impaired. Secondly, the interventions will stabilize anxiety level while increasing ability to function on a daily basis.


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